Optimizing mirror of fractal octahedron consciousness with signal generator and scalar wave transmitter battery
  • Optimizing mirror of fractal octahedron consciousness with signal generator and scalar wave transmitter battery
  • Optimizing mirror of consciousness fractal octahedron emitting scalar waves
  • Scalar wave transmitting octahedron consciousness mirror with signal generator in a bag
  • Scalar wave emitting octahedron consciousness optimizing mirror with banana plugs
  • Optimizing mirror copper structure of scalar wave emitting octahedron



Scalar wave emitting consciousness optimizing mirror in octahedron shape (height: 36cm), air element.

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The Octahedron Magnus (OM) is an octahedron belonging to the five Platonic polyhedra better known as "Platonic Solids". Its original purple color emits a vibration that resonates with the Sahasrara (thousand petal lotus) coronal chakra, allowing connection with cosmic energies. Its self-reflecting three-dimensional shape is made up of eight equilateral triangular faces, assembled in two pyramids symbolically and energetically connected to the air element of our planet.

For the Egyptians, the pyramids represented a divine staircase allowing the deceased pharaoh to ascend to the solar principle embodied by the God RA. The octahedral shape also represents what Plato called "the soul of the world", a manifested pyramid in our reality completed by a subtle unmanifested pyramid. The four edges of the pyramids projecting towards the sky are in reality the cosmic counterpart of a subterranean matrix pyramid embodying the energy of Mother Earth, which is perfectly manifested by the octahedron.

The latest in the Metatron Series of technologies, this consciousness optimizing mirror is more powerful than its predecessor, the Aer Octahedron, due to its size and the 8 interconnected scalar plates, each engraved with 121 fractal triangles. In total there are 968 fractal triangles, all harmoniously connected to each other, which produce a vortex oscillation of the subtle magnetic field or scalar torsion field. This field is also "tinged" with the frequency vibration introduced by the operator through a signal generator, which can be provided depending on the option chosen. This combination of form waves and frequency signals facilitates the creation of a more extensive and beneficial vibratory field for the living, which makes the Octahedron Magnus suitable for collective healing and reharmonizing emissions or for a more global scope than its predecessor.

Please consider this increased power/consciousness ratio before placing your order..

The basic octahedron comes with a USB cord with a switch and an adapter to connect it to the mains.
You can select option 1 to add a signal generator and a stand-alone external USB battery.
You can also select option 2 to get a turnkey kit with the generator, the external battery and a carrying case.

You will find the usable frequencies as well as additional information on United Universe Andiana web site.