• Magnus Tetrahedron consciousness optimizing mirror emitting scalar waves with signal generator in a bag



Magnus Tetrahedron Consciousness Optimizing Mirror, scalar emitter (height 23cm), fire element.


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IT002 - GAIA
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The Platonic solids were first named in the 'Timaeus' dialogue written around 358 BC. J.-C.
The tetrahedron is the simplest of these solids. Formed of 4 faces, it is associated with the Fire element and the solar plexus chakra called Manipura.

The Sierpiński triangle is a fractal figure described by the Polish mathematician Wacław Sierpiński in 1915. This pattern is constructed from an equilateral triangle which is then subdivided into smaller equilateral triangles and this ad infinitum. Many fractal shapes are found in nature, a geometric pattern similar to the Sierpiński triangle adorns the shell of the Indonesian mollusk cymbiola innexa.

Each of the 3 faces of Magnus Tetraherdron Consciousness Optimizing Mirror is covered with a plate engraved with fine circuits forming the fractal figure of the Sierpiński triangle and thus creating a set of 363 interconnected triangles. The 3 quantum coils formed by these plates allow the emission of a powerful field of scalar waves.

The technology uses very low consumption LEDs diffusing a soft green light to connect to the heart chakra.

The basic tetrahedron is supplied with a USB cord fitted with a switch and an adapter to connect it to the mains.
You have the possibility to select option 1 to add a signal generator and an external USB battery.
You also have the option of selecting option 2 to obtain a turnkey kit with the generator, the external battery and a carrying bag.

You will find the usable frequencies as well as additional information on United Universe Andiana website.