• Merkaba consciousness optimizing mirror emitting scalar waves with signal generator in a bag



Merkaba Consciousness Optimizing Mirror, scalar emitter (height 30cm)

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SM001 - GAIA
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The name merkaba means "chariot" in Hebrew and is used in the sense of "divine chariot" in the First Book of Chronicles (Old Testament work) written between 450 and 425 BC.

The merkaba or tetrahedral star is the vehicle of light that allows any entity to move through the multidimensional planes. 

It is composed of two interlocking tetrahedrons: the first, pointing upwards, corresponding to the male polarity and the second, pointing downwards, corresponding to the female polarity.

You will find here a powerful meditation allowing you to activate your vehicle of pure light through the use of activation codes transmitted by Yann Lipnick.

The 24 sides of Stella Merkaba Consciousness Optimizing Mirror are covered with plates engraved with fine circuits creating 24 quantum coils allowing the emission of a powerful field of scalar waves.
The technology uses very low consumption LEDs diffusing a soft green light allowing to connect to the heart chakra.

The basic merkaba comes with a USB cord with a switch and an adapter to plug it into the mains.
You can select option 1 to add a signal generator and a stand-alone external USB battery.
You can also select option 2 to get a turnkey kit with the generator, the external battery and a carrying bag.

You will find the frequencies and additional information on website United Universe Andiana.