This buying guide has been realized with the intention of providing you with all the information you need 1 - to acquire a technology Crystal of Na'amia technology that corresponds perfectly to your needs 2 - to use this technology in the most optimal and relevant way to obtain personal and global benefits. This guide answers the questions most often asked by future buyers and users.

1 - What is a scalar wave generating technology?

The answer to this question is provided precisely on the page "scalar waves".

2 - Why are these technologies called "human-stellar"?

We have been in communication for several years with an alliance of 7 galactic races working in a concrete but discreet way for the good of humanity and in preparation for the first mass contact planned in the current decade. This alliance called Girk-Fit-Niirthrough its spokesperson Lyrian (humanoid felid race) named Tekkrrwe have made a request and have had certain interactions on different planes with members of this alliance. It is thus a multidimensional cooperation between extraterrestrials who have chosen to be born in a human body (ourselves) and considered as such, and "non-human intelligences" called INH or stellar, who have jointly proceeded to the elaboration of the technologies currently on sale in this web store.

To learn more about it, you can watch the presentation videos ofHucolo France, the French "ground team" of this alliance link Youtube or the website United Universe Andiana.

3 - Which technology to choose, for which need?

Apart from the Galactic Alliance which communicates with us, the only guide we consider to be the absolute master of our destiny and the main channel of information is "the inner being"that is to say our Higher Self or more "scientifically", our fractal-fragment in the quantum space located in the density of consciousness closest to the Source. It is therefore in your inner self that you should mainly ask the question and get the answer. Nevertheless, we will give here some advice from our long experience.

The aspirations are of three kinds, without any spirit of judgment or hierarchy:

Individual and environmental aspirations individual and environmental aspirations: need for well-being, healing, internal cleansing, expansion of consciousness, harmonization of the habitat, etc.

Planetary aspirations need to participate in planetary change, to raise the vibration of Gaia, to change the paradigm, etc.

Galactic and universal aspirations integration to the Galactic Confederation, conscious work with star energy, holographic reality insertions (monadic plans)participation in galactic and universal regulatory orders, etc.

Some people consider that taking care of oneself first is enough and indirectly contributes to taking care of others because we are all One, others consider that to work for change it is necessary to widen the field of action beyond one's own person and that the higher the objectives, the greater the impact on the global consciousness. Both are right because THE truth does not exist, each one having a different reading grid according to his belief system, his experience and the dimension in which he evolves. In short, the principle that we have observed and that was inspired to us by the Galactic Alliance is the following the more complex and voluminous the technology, the greater its capacity to interact with the global morphogenetic field and vice versa. This is however very relative since each technology is linked to the consciousness of the operator, as will be explained below

Based on these principles and taking into account the existing and future products, here is what we can advise you:

Individual : Tetrahedron (Ignis Tetrahedron), Octahedron (Aer Octahedron) cube (Terra Hexahedron);

Planetary : Dodecahedron (Aether Dodecahedron), Icosahedron (Aqua Icosahedron), Tetrahedral Star (Stella Merkaba) :

Galactic/Universal Icosidodecahedron (Meta-Zida Suhia), Rhombic Tricontahedron (Star of life Nuréa)

4 - What type of generator and what frequencies to use?

You can inject an audio frequency into the interconnected scalar plates using a mini audio amplifier. This amp can be connected to the technology with cables or an adapter audio jack 3.5 mm / banana plugs. There is a multitude of them worth from a few dozen to a few hundred euros on well known platforms

Another cost-effective solution is to use your cell phone using a free frequency broadcast app. An excellent application was developed by a member of the Alliance ground team Girk-Fit-Niir named Scalar Field Generator Application.

We have chosen in Crystal of Na'amia for low frequency signal generatorswhich are more easily connected with our technologies and have a BNC output. These generators emit frequencies "pure tones" that is to say not audible but also efficient from the energy point of view. You can use your own generator or order the one offered with the chosen technology.

Just like the devices, there are a multitude of beneficial frequencies for the living that can be used with technologies. These are mainly located in the range of extremely low and very low frequencies (ELF between 1 and 10 kHz and VLF between 10 kHz and 30 kHz) The most known and used frequencies are called Solfeggio. You can find audio samples via this link and a whole documentation available on the net.

Another very rich source of healing frequencies is that of
Dr Rife which you can download directly from this link dr. Rife's frequencies Rife frequencies

5 - How does this type of technology work?

We receive a large number of questions testifying that many people who have acquired a Crystal of Na'amia did not understand that they had in hand a device working on the principles of the principles of the 4th dimension and not those of the the 3D
This misunderstanding that we have collectively with Gaia, slipped into 4D since 2011 and that we are constantly receiving waves of photons from the central galactic sun (Alcyone), increasing the terrestrial vibration and progressively stabilizing the vibration of the beings in this new density of consciousness (with sometimes phenomena of human "overheating" - tensions new density of consciousness (with sometimes phenomena of human "overheating" - social tensions - and planetary "overheating" - volcanoes) this leads to a non-optimal use of these human-stellar artifacts ''optimizers of consciousness''.

The principles of 4D are currently emerging in our reality, notably through the recent discoveries of quantum mechanics, which studies the behavior of matter at the molecular level and in particular particles such as protons, electrons, photons etc. The world of 4D functions in a very different way from what we are used to, notably through the superposition of quantum states superposition of quantum states, making devices like ours work in several layers of consciousness and points of space at the same time. One of the most confusing principles of quantum physics that the buyers of our technologies often struggle to grasp, is the fact that the quality of the observed or manipulated object (here a harmonizing consciousness optimizing mirror) is influenced by the observer. This means that no technology works in the same way because all are intricately related to the level of consciousness and deep aspirations/intentions of their users.

When you understand this principle, you understand that Crystal of Na'amia consciousness optimizing mirrors are among others a materialized reflection of your consciousness and that theoretically their capacity of action in the matrix, just like your consciousness, is unlimited both in terms of range and power.

6 - Can we measure the vibrations of technology with a device ?

The principle of superposition of quantum states mentioned above, generates another principle of quantum physics which is that of the indeterminism of the measurement of the waves supra-luminous waves and tachyons (particles having a speed exceeding that of light).


Technically, no "electron radar" could measure a value which on a space/time plane would be X and simultaneously by entanglement on another plane would be Y. In quantum mechanics, when we have superimposed states, the results of the measurements depend in part on "chance" (even if it does not really exist because they are rather synchronicities)we say that there is indeterminism.


All biometrics and methods using ångström (1 tenth of a billionth of a meter) such as the Bovis scale used in dowsing, geobiology or radionicscannot be applied to this type of technology of scalar waves It is astonishing to see the so-called "official" scientists despise by incomprehension, the dowsers and radionicsit is astonishing to see the so-called "official" scientists despising by incomprehension, the dowsers and radionists, themselves sometimes despising the practitioners of wave technologies that they do not manage to apprehend. A really not very virtuous circle.


You can eventually ask your clock with or without dial Bovis (to your "inner being" in reality who transmits the unconscious movements to your hand), the vibratory value emitted by the technology, but know that at this moment, it is your own energy vibration that you will measure, the technology working permanently as a a mirror of your consciousness.

7 - Can the technology be left on permanently?

From a technical technical, yesCrystal of Na'amia technologies are equipped with LED (Light Emitting Diodes) very ecological because they consume very little energy with a power of a few watts. Their average lifespan goes from 35 000 hours to 50 000 hours. At the end of this durationthe LED will have lost 15% of its brightness. This represents up to 5 to 7 years 24/24hor 34 years at a rate of 4 hours per day

From the point of view of energy, yes As explained above, there can be no effect of saturation or electromagnetic overload with this type of 4D technology, one of whose functions is precisely to correct the electric waves particularly harmful electrical waves, in vortial waves beneficial for the living.

It should be noted that it is very good to have a
spiritual and/or meditative practice meditation practice in association with this technology, which will increase the vibratory range of your intentions whether they are individual or planetary.

It should also be noted that all the technologies of Crystal of Na'amia are linked together by a network of energy Love-Light named LOGIN (see page LOGIN PAGE page if needed), with the objective of to increase the consciousness of humanity and this, whatever the vibratory quality of its user. It is impossible to pervert in any way whatsoever the primordial intention which proceeded to the creation of these human-stellar technologies, having a profoundly altruistic and benevolent intention for all the incarnated and disincarnated beings, human and non-human, of this planet

8 - Is there an ideal place in the house to place this technology, can it be used outside?

The technology adapts to all the arrangements and uses that you can make of it, the principle being that the more care and Love you give to this artifact created with the same dynamics, the more you will be able to and Love to this artifact created with the same dynamics, and thus to your consciousness as a reflection of the Infinite Source, the more its action will be and powerful. The worst being that you have a very/too low self-esteem and consequently, according to the the principle of resonance, the performance will not be optimal no matter where it is.

You can place it near your bed and even near your head without any unwanted effects.

Of course, animals will also be able to benefit from this technology. Although different from human consciousness, the soul groups of each animal race with which they are all connected, know how to recognize a beneficial creation for Mother Gaia with which they are merged.

You can also apply some basic rules of Feng Shui (Chinese geobiology) such as determining the central sector of your house called Lo Shuand position the technology there so that it positively influences the other eight cardinal points of your living space

Indeed, Feng shui is a complex art that allows energy to circulate - chi- in your home to bring peace, love and prosperity. It uses the 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, waterwhich must balance each other. It is also important to orient the areas of the house according to the cardinal points. The elements are also used in consciousness optimizing mirrors through "Plato's solids" which are used to give them their shape (Tetrahedron - Fire / Octahedron - Air / Icosahedron - Water / Hexahedron - Earth / Dodecahedron - Ether). It is therefore possible, if you are interested in this science, to work on balancing with the elements of nature even if there is a difference between the Chinese and Western elements.

It is of course possible and even desirable to make external
external geo-quantum activations The technologies Crystal of Na'amia technologies are first tested on energetic high places before they are put on sale, because they have an action on the terrestrial magnetic fields and we notice the recurrent overflight of many machines of the Confederation when we deploy them.

9 - Can we connect several technologies to the same generator? If so, is there a loss of efficiency?

You can connect two or more consciousness optimizing mirrors on the same generator via cords with banana plugs equipped with "back takeovers" allowing to make a bridging. In addition to the standard cords, cords of this type will be provided to you provided to you free of charge with your second technology purchase to perform a


No loss of energy is possible with scalar waves which pass through all the bodies without weakening of the wave as with the "classic" EM waves.

10 - Can consciousness optimizing mirrors be operated without generators?

Don't forget that these are technologies of 4th dimensionthe signal or audio generators are only there to give a color to your intention a color to your intention symbolized by a frequency or a sound, but in the absolute it is your consciousness that does the work. It is therefore possible to make the technology work if your consciousness is high and your will is strong, but it is not very easy to maintain your concentration for several hours in a row, which a generator can do. It is therefore an interesting support element to maintain a stable and constant vibration over a long period of time, but it would not be honest of us to say anything other than only your Self, your "inner being", is the indispensable and unavoidable element in this process.

ICEF /I\ Myrdyn Aéliah and Marie Kat Sue

Crystal of Na'amia© - March 2022