Electromagnetic waves

To understand what are scalar waves it is essential to have some knowledge of the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Here is 7 points allowing to quickly assimilate these bases

1- A wave is a vibration which propagates in space in the manner of waves.

2- A electromagnetic wave is a category ofwaves that can travel in a propagation medium such as vacuum or air, at a constant and a constant and unsurpassable speed: the speed of light. These waves are for example produced by electric charges in motion

3- A electromagnetic wave comprises at the same time an electric field (E) and magnetic field (B) These two fields oscillate at the same frequency, perpendicular to each other propagating in a medium according to an orthogonal direction.

4- The electromagnetic spectrum is the classification of electromagnetic radiation by frequency and wavelength


5- The frequency (naked Greek symbol ν) is the number of oscillations of the electromagnetic field per second. It is expressed in Hertz.


6- The period (T) is the time required for the wave to complete one cycle. It is expressed in second


7- The wavelength (Greek symbol lambda: λ) is the periodic oscillatory character of the wave in space which is expressed in meter

We note from the diagram above that the higher a frequency is, the shorter its wavelength and vice versa. The waves such as high frequency gamma rays (emitted by radioactive substances), and x-rays used in radiology, are therefore very dangerous for biological tissues.

Ultraviolet light can cause skin cancer by altering the DNA of the cells. On the contrary, the ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies - Extremely low frequencies) are quite beneficial for living beings.

Scalar waves

The scalar waves are on the one hand, a form of interference produced on the electromagnetic waves (EM) of which we have just spoken, on the other hand, an "energetic" noise propagating in the vacuum by giving it a subtle vibration having the characteristics to to cross any matter contrary to the classical EM waves. These waves are called "scalar" (term referring to the scalar products used in mathematics), because they are essentially characterized by their magnitude (magnitude) which is a scalar (a number allowing to measure it)

The vertically polarized EM waves are in phase opposition with the waves of the living, they disturb the electron barrage and the fragile balance of the micro-electrical communication networks of the nucleus of the cells of all living organisms, according to the pioneer of bioelectronics Louis-Claude Vincent. This disturbance or alteration of the living, however small, is very complex because it is governed by all the laws of physics. Vertically polarized waves are therefore disharmonic, because they are opposed to a plan of horizontal polarization that corresponds to it at pattern of nature.

When a horizontally polarized frequency generator (beneficial) meets a vertically polarized electromagnetic energy (pathogen), it creates a tipping point and by association a circularly polarized wave (animation opposite). The vertical/horizontal polarization switching operated by this scalar generator, will create on the horizontal plane a superposition of converging concentric waves (from the periphery to the center) and of divergent concentric waves (from the center to the periphery). It is precisely at their meeting points by superimposing themselves that will be generated of scalar waves.

Another definition of a scalar wave could therefore be the following: it is the product of the superposition of the simultaneous and opposite direction motion, of an EM wave having a convergent concentric propagation with another identical EM wave but with a divergent propagation divergent propagation.
scalar field would be a superposition of EM wave states allowing through this process to increase the amplitude of the waves and the energy in their center having a circular polarization (vortex) and propagating in the vacuum. The scalar field generators "correct" the EM waves by putting them in phase with the energy of the "living" or energy of the Source.

Why scalar waves pass through matter more easily?

As their wavelength is infinite (they do not vibrate), they are thus not absorbed by the surface matter, but but penetrate between the atoms, until they come into contact with the nucleus of the atom and thus interfere at an internal level. The EM waves have their wavelength limited in penetration because the peaks of the vibration come into contact with the material, and the mesh of passage of the waves must be large to let them filter Only very low frequencies pass through a faraday cage and only scalar waves pass through more intimate more intimate levels of matter.

How were born Crystal of Na'amia consciousness optimizing mirrors generating scalar waves?

Our technologies were researched for many years after we received instructions via holographic telepathy from the Galactic Alliance (see page "Who we are" page), not only to create prototypes of scalar wave generators, but also to broadcast them to increase the vibratory rate of the planet. These prototypes have been tested and observed by thousands of spiritually sensitive people/users during individual and collective meditations indoors and outdoors on high places of power.

Our tests on humans and plants have convinced us that this technology can greatly benefit man and nature in several very important areas. The main objective of the lOGIN network network (see page "The LOGIN network" page) and of the store Crystal of Na'amia, is first and foremost to help people to grow spiritually, energetically, mentally and to improve their general well-being and thought process. The other area of research has been to discover how this technology could help to heal humans and nature.


We realized that in addition to physical healing there other aspects of healing with the waves that were not yet addressed by the general public, such as emotional or energetic traumas or simply problems caused by the misalignment of the different energetic zones of the body this type of technology could be used effectively to treat these problems. This energy acts as a booster with the potential to stimulate the user's intentions and natural immunity. We have many very promising results in potentially industrial applications such as water structuring of water, which can help to improve agricultural yields and significantly reduce water consumption. We continue to develop new devices and find applications that can greatly benefit humanity.

How are produced Crystal of Na'amia consciousness optimizing mirrors generating scalar waves?

The plates composing the technologies Crystal of Na'amia technologies are made with circuits very finely engraved on conductive plates, generally used for the creation of electronic circuits. They represent in a flat way emitting coils in the same way that most devices emitting EM waves contain classic copper coils

In general, all types of coils (transmitters) suitable for all types of energy, spiritual or mental work, but we have found that certain geometries and types of coils, have certain energy patterns radiating on people and in certain areas of the body in a stronger way. With different types of coils and geometric alignments and by using the right frequency, we have the possibility to target certain areas of the human body and mind. Some of the coil shapes and geometries have been perceived in the higher planes while others, such as the Platonic Solids, were designed based on our acquired understanding.



We use two different types of coilsone is a bifilar or Tesla type coil (plate engraved on both sides and coupled), the other is a coil engraved on one side in closed circuit allowing to create a quantum vortex with a "self-canceling" field (see above description), named quantum coil.


The two coils have the same effect in the spiritual sense but the quantum coil is much more multidimensional, because the energy field of the zero point created is more strong. The coil two-wire Tesla is behaves like a self-charge capacitor when the electrons move in the first circuit in the first circuit, which is then looped with the second circuit. It is self-charging because the coil creates a pulse at each phase peak of the signal. It is therefore a self-powered coil.


In using crystals and magnets, we have the possibility to amplify the field to expand even more. There there is no measurable electromagnetic field around the technologies. We create through these additions a much stronger zero point vortex with a greater effect. In this case, an energy fountain is created allowing the energies to pass through and generate an energy portal whose the radiation of which can be used to harmonize people, an environment or have other functions.


The two-wire coil can transform the energy invested directly into a  beneficial electromagnetic fieldwhile, the quantum coil supports a portal/vortex multidimensional portal/vortex for higher energies. Both coils are beneficial however, the bifilar coil requires less attention to what you are doing mentally and the second one is strongly linked to your intention. Since it works directly with you and connects you to higher energies, you must be aware of what you are doing. We recommend the use of of the quantum coils for people who are more spiritually oriented and tesla type coils (two-wire) for people who are more focused on physical and psycho-emotional therapy.

Why use forms such as the "5 Platonic solids" or the "Merkaba"?

Crystal of Na’amia technologies are not based on the principles of radionics (vibratory dowsing exploiting the action at a distance by the waves of forms either in a passive way - oriented diagrams and graphics - or in an active way - more or less complex electronic devices). The practitioners of radionics as well as those of "traditional" radiesthesia, carry out indeed, the measurements of the colors of the vibratory spectrum divided into 12 colors of magnetic polarity and 12 of electric polarity highlighted by precursors such as Léon Chaumery, André de Bélizal, Jean de la Foye, Gaston Bardet and others These pioneers have demonstrated through their research and discoveries, among others, that the 12 colors in magnetic phase are pro-biotic (favorable to life and health), and that the and that the 12 colors in electric phase are anti-biotic (harmful, unfavorable to health).

 Alfred Bovis in 1935 (1871-1947)

These measurements of the vibratory rate of the cosmo-telluric energy of a place or a body are generally carried out by means of a pendulum, an antenna, etc. and are based on the subjectivity of the person carrying out the measurement, which is incompatible with the scientific approach expressing precise and repeatable numerical data. This subjectivity remains, even when using the dials and units of measurement popularized by the radiesthesist Alfred Bovis.

We remind you here that it is impossible to measure a 4D scalar wave technology with these 3D instruments, even if they are used under the guidance of the inner being, because these technologies are precisely defined as OPTIMIZING MIRRORS OF CONSCIOUSNESS you would then find yourself measuring your own energy with all the emotional and mental fluctuation that the measured technology could inspire in you (quantum principle of the influence of the object observed by the observer).

Nevertheless, Crystal of Na’amia technologies emit an infinitely subtle, supra-luminous, vortex and probiotic waveform. We were therefore inspired to use shapes known as harmonious, most often based on the divine proportion 1.618... or golden ratio, to accentuate this waveform such as  "The 5 Platonic Solids" and the tetrahedron star (Merkaba). We will discuss here how these shapes are obtained and how they relate to Gaia's energy:

Vésica Piscis


Seed of life

Flower of lifr

Fruit of life

Tetrahedron star


Metatron's Cube





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