We are a couple of missionaries embodied volunteers (Starseeds in English) named Myrdyn and Marie, whose deepest vocation is to optimize what is called the great harvest/ascension of consciousness of our time. Convinced that we have incarnated on the planet Gaia to complete a cycle that began 75,000 years, we wholeheartedly aspire to to complete this collective ascent of humanity in the 4ème or 5ème density of consciousness according to the alignment of each and, in the polarity of service to others, with all the means inspired by our "Inner beings" (Higher Self) and transmitted by the different stellar alliances with whom we are in constant contact.

In the illusion of the 3D matrix that is transposed to our human eyes, our company Crystal of Na'amia is based in the South-East of France, in the PACA region, in the Var department (83). We put all our heart into the creation of these handmade human-stellar technologies mainly inspired by the non-human intelligences of the Galactic Alliance (see explanations HUCOLO France below) and our inner beings who validate the relevance and reliability of these inspirations of galactic origin.

Human-stellar technologies
Crystal of Na'amia are also the result of many years of experience studies and of experiments during individual and collective meditations indoors and outdoors in high energy places throughout France.

We want to be transparent in pointing out that these technologiesalthough they can be used for purely individual purposes of care and healing according to the capacities of each person (since they respond to a principle highlighted by quantum physics which is the influence of the observer on the observed object), have not initially was created for this purpose.


The purpose of these technologies is on the one hand, to harmonize the habitat by the emission of scalar waves beneficial for the living (see page "scalar waves") and from there, allow an alignment of the global energy system of its users and by ricochet, the expansion of the consciousness of these. On the other hand, to participate in the increase global consciousness of humanity by creating a network of Light of connected technologies, able to positively influence what Plato named "the soul of the world and Rupper Sheldrake more recently "the morphogenetic field".


This arc-en-Ciel network named LOGIN (see page on this link), is the essence of our approach, the commercial aspect of which only serves to allow us to create ever more beautiful, elaborate and efficient technologies in the future through our research and guidance.

These technologies have not these technologies are not intended to replace any medical care or treatment prescribed or to be prescribed by official or alternative medicine Crystal of Na'amia through this warning, is not responsible for any misinterpretation or use of its creations which are primarily aimed at the awakening and holistic expansion of consciousness, and only that.

The company Crystal of Na'amia is a structure that is part of a broader action strategy, developed by the ICEF (Ingineers in augmented spirituality - Cscalar technology developers - Experts in space simulation - Formators MetaZida) that we are, for as mentioned above "optimize the collective harvest/ascension of humanity into higher density consciousness".

This action strategy is shown in this organization chart whose first circle represents our guides in in some way, and the central pentagram representing "the standing man", the different structures complementary articulating or going to articulate around our company.

Roll over the logos of the different structures for more information


Logos (creative intelligence) of our Universe based on the principle of free will.


(God's Winged Shield Project)
Global project to help the planetary ascension through audiovisual and Hi-Tech technologies. Project visible on www.uniteduniverseandiana.com


Network of interconnected technologies (see dedicated page LOGIN).


Civilization of type 5 gathering all the souls of all the entities of our Universe.


French ground team of the Galactic Alliance GIRK-FIT-NIIR an alliance of 7 benevolent galactic races, proposing a strategy and concrete actions to prepare the first contact and allow humanity to become a stellar civilization that can integrate into the Galactic Federation.
HUCOLO France through disclosure videos available on YouTube United Universe Andiana the United Universe Andiana is committed to informing the French-speaking public about this Alliance and the other alliances with which we collaborate.


Council of 9 beings and 24 "Guardians" in 8th dimension having the regency of our solar system solar system.


Web store selling Light technologies using scalar waves beneficial for the living.


Training center for augmented spirituality technologies and Meta-Zida operators (vehicle for moving informational fields in time and space) - structure to begin in late 2022.


Human-stellar group working among others, on the genesis of the new humanity through the elaboration and animation of Namlu'u (double-avatars representing our beings in the densities of higher consciousness). These Namlu'u evolve in a city of 5D named Aahinoleeb created in 5D and manifested in 3D through virtual reality technologies.


An avian race of 6th density, guardian of the evolutionary processes of humanity for 75 000 years. Part of a collective of ultra-celestials called the Alliance of Sphere Beings, they transmitted in the 1980s a body of teachings called the ONE LAW, unprecedented in the history of humanity.

The company Crystal of Na'amia is also a structure that has at heart to work in partnership to work in partnership with other similar or other structures such as associations, federations, non-governmental organizations, etc., as long as they share they share common aspirations and orientations for the global awakening of humanity in the polarity of service to others.

ICEF /I\ Myrdyn Aéliah and Marie Kat Sue

Crystal of Na'amia© - March 2022